Web API (Microsoft .Net 5.0)

Your Fully Configured Microsoft .Net API, In Seconds!

This .Net 5.0 Web API scaffold comes pre-configured with Entity Framework store, versioned Swagger and its dashboard, NLog configuration, centralised exception handling, CORS policies, AutoMapper, Dependency Injection, Fluent Validation, configuration and secret management and route prefixes.

It supports being exposed over the majority of API gateways through the automatically generated Open API Specifications through versioned swagger documentation.

What's Included

REST | GraphQL

If you need the Representational State Transfer (REST) pattern and well-defined APIs around your resources, or a high performance Graph query language (GraphQL) to read and write data from and to your data stores, our API scaffold supports your project. Based on your product architecture and performance requirements, we help your team get started with their API development journey supporting both patterns from day 1.

Config and Secret Management

Using .Net IOptions, a configurations can be read and parsed into an AppSettings class, which will then be injected into every class with the need to access configuration values. In similar fashion, secrets can be read from Key Vaults using certificate authentication. This API comes specifically configured with Azure KeyVaults, but can be used with other secrets stores.

Entity Framework

Entity Framework configured data store, with database migration support, that updates the database upon application start. The DBContext could come with Asp.Net Identity support with flexible ApplicationUser and ApplicationRole, allowing you to add any specific attribute to the user and role. It supports sensitive data logging, lazy loading proxies and a wrapper over EF operations using Repository pattern, allowing you to substitute Entity Framework with any other ORM with the least possible change to your application.

API Gateway Friendly

Any API gateway with the ability to read Open API specification can be quickly configured using the specifications generated by Swagger. This scaffold comes with the versioned Swagger portal and documentations which makes it easy to generate Open API specification dynamically from the inline documentation for classes and methods.

Centralised Exception Handling

Using a middleware, this scaffold manages unhandled exceptions globally along with pre-configured NLog logging methods. Simply define the targets you would like the logs to be sent to, and unhandled exceptions will be records through those mediums.

Mapping & Validation

AutoMapper has been a commonly used library to handle object conversions such as DTOs and ViewModels in a centralised place. This is in addition to Fluent Validation which is used to define and handle all the model validations in a consistent, elegant and centralised fashion.

CORS Policies

Small configurations sometimes can take hours to fix and configure. This scaffold comes with predefined CORS policies to control where the API requests with certain methods can come from.

Codified Pipeline

Configured with a codified pipeline, the scaffold is ready to be built and deployed to Azure Web APPs instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

.Net API Scaffold is a source-included solution, which is ready for screen development with all the above features, and enables you to get to your first screen within a couple of days.
Our solutions do support F5 experience. The idea is the everything have been configured for you, and the API will work when you clone and press F5.
Absolutely! We can tailor React Scaffold based on your project requirements, so you don't have to just focus on your business requirements and high level feature delivery. If required, we will help you to integrate and deploy the solutions to your environments.

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