React Native Mobile APP

Go Native for iOS and Android; Once & Fast!

Our React-Native Mobile APP Scaffold comes pre-configured with APP Navigation, Authentication, Config and Secret Management, Caching, Push Notification, Backend API Integration, Form Validation and Submission, Error Reporting, Network Detection, and Location Management.

As it is using Expo, it hides a lot of low level complexity across development and deployment for you, saving you weeks (if not months) of development effort.

What's Included

Global Navigation

Overall application navigation consisting of Screen and Tab navigations enabling your users to easily navigate through the features in your APP. You can also swap between types of navigation based on the application state, if the user's state: pre-login or post.


Never build Auth screens again. We have covered all the flows from login, registration, and password recovery. Paired with our backend Identity Solution, you can also integrate with an JWT enabled identity function supporting authentication and authorisation use cases including Refresh Tokens.

Configs and Secrets

Configurations are managed through a central config repository, allowing the developers to control it across multiple environments. Same applies to Secret Management, giving engineers access to the secret store of Mobile devices through an abstracted layer.


When it comes to performance for any enterprise application, caching is a must-have. Our scaffolds come with a central cache management layer with expiry policies as a central capability for the entire app.

Push Notification

Includes registration to a push notification service (flexible to integration with other services), and receiving notification and passing it to the intended screen through global navigation. Paired with our Identity Solution it also enables you to save users' devices, tokens and exchanged messages.

Backend API Integration

Almost all applications rely on backend dynamic data to function. Using the simple and effective API Sauce interface, you will communicate with your backend through a central layer, enabling to apply changes quickly to the entire application.


Form validation and submission are simple, but yet it can take hours to configure. We have abstracted all that away from you, allowing you to build and validate your forms simply within minutes.

Error Reporting

Error reporting is critical for any enterprise application. The ability to record and track your logs and reports in order to analyse them and create the best customer experience is key. That's why we have relied on Bugsnag as a central capability in our APP.

Network and Location

When there is no network available, your app needs to fail gracefully and notify the user to go off-line or retry. Same applies for Location, the ability to request, and work with location in your app have been all covered in our scaffolds.

Frequently Asked Questions

React-Native Mobile APP scaffold is a source-included solution, which is ready for screen development with all the above features, and enables you to get to your first screen within a couple of days.
Our solutions do support F5 experience. The idea is the everything have been configured for you, and the scaffold will work when you clone and run "npm start".
Absolutely! We can tailor React Scaffold based on your project requirements, so you don't have to just focus on your business requirements and high level feature delivery. If required, we will help you to integrate and deploy the solutions to your environments.

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