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Created using created-react-app, this complete React scaffold comes with mobile-friendly global navigation and layout, fully configured Redux store and Thunk middleware, Stripe payment integration, authentication and authorisation, hamburger menu, form validation, Axios API call, environment configuration, contact us form.

What's Included

Codified Pipeline

Configured with a codified pipeline, the scaffold is ready to be built and deployed to Azure Web APPs instantly.

Redux Store

The Redux store provides a central state management for all React components. It creates an entity-based structure for the store, allowing you to have a logical storage of all entities in your application.

The store can also survive page refresh or browser exist using Redux-Persist

Dispatchers and Flow

React components dispatch commands to the store, which includes backend data operations using an Axios middleware, and calling the reducers when the operation succeeded, failed, or started.


Each dispatched action includes common functions such logging or UI notifications. These operations will be managed through the middleware functions common to all operations. For other feature-related operations that include chained function calls based on the result of previous operations, feature level middleware classes have been included.

Global Navigation

The scaffold comes with a mobile-friendly global navigation, which converts into a hamburger menu on smaller and Mobile devices. The navigation bar items can also be fetched from a backend database, to make it dynamic based on user roles and permissions.

Protected Links

All the links and routes can be made protected, meaning upon click, the user will be navigated to the login/sign up screen to create an account or verify identity.

Authentication UI

All the fundamental below identity UI screens are included:

  • Login
  • Sign Up
  • Password Recovery
  • Account Activation

Google Map Integration

There are several commonly used components included in the scaffold such as Google Map using react-google-maps.

Semantic UI

A control library plays a crucial role in saving time and cost in front end development. We have relied on Fomantic UI control library for this purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

React Web App Scaffold is a source-included solution, which is ready for screen development with all the above features, and enables you to get to your first screen within a couple of days.
Our solutions do support F5 experience. The idea is the everything have been configured for you, and the API will work when you clone and press F5.
Absolutely! We can tailor React Scaffold based on your project requirements, so you don't have to just focus on your business requirements and high level feature delivery. If required, we will help you to integrate and deploy the solutions to your environments.

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