Stripe Payment Integration

Stand Up Payment Functions Quickly

Our Stripe integration comes at the UI and back-end levels. React components cover account creation, subscription switching, capturing billing and credit card details. In addition, you will have backend services to cover customer and subscription creation services along with receiving Stripe event callbacks as WebHooks using Microsoft .Net 5.0 APIs.

What's Included

UI Components

Built using our React Scaffold, below screens are included:

  • Account Creation
  • Billing Details
  • Secure Credit Card Capture Form
  • Plan Selection
  • Switch Plan

Subscription API

Used to handle backend integration with Stripe APIs covering functions such as:

  • Creating Customer
  • Creating Subscription
  • Cancelling Subscription
  • Switching Subscription

Stripe Webhooks

Notifications sent from Stripe will be received and managed by Subscription API. These notifications include callbacks covering domains such as payment, subscription, invoice, payment method.

Microsoft .Net 5.0 (Entity Framework Store)

Entity Framework is used to store customer subscription and plan information while interacting with Stripe services. The level of retained information can be configured based on your project needs.

Identity Integration

Integration with our Identity solution, you can enjoy the full registration experience, to cover account registration on your side as well as Stripe's.

Frequently Asked Questions

React based UI components based on our React Scaffold supported by Redux, along with Subscription API to handle backend integration with Stripe services as well as Webhooks. This could be combined with our Identity solution to provide a fully end to end experience.
Our solutions do support F5 experience. The idea is the everything have been configured for you, and the API will work when you clone and press F5.
Absolutely! We can tailor React Scaffold based on your project requirements, so you don't have to just focus on your business requirements and high level feature delivery. If required, we will help you to integrate and deploy the solutions to your environments.

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